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ClearWaterOriginally the home of the Native American Tocobaga, Clearwater was inhabited when the United States Army built Fort Harrison overlooking Harbor Oaks in 1835.  In 1977 a group of archeologists from the University of Florida excavated the site when an ammunition bunker was discovered by a man named Alfred C. Wyllie, while he was digging for his future swimming pool.  The name of Clearwater is believed to be derived from its many clear water springs that are along the coast, and some even in the Oaks Harbor, which as a result, is why Clearwater is know for its crystal clear waters.

Driving along the coast its easy to see why Clearwater houses some of the top rated beaches in the country.  With miles of beautiful white sand and the silhouette of the clear what as a background the beach deservers its title as the Best City Beach on the Golf Coasts.  Clearwater has Life Guards on duty everyday of the week from 9:00am to 4:30am and offer the necessity of picnic areas.

Florida AquariumWhen driving down Channelside Drive be sure to visit the Florida Aquarium, the largest aquarium on the West Coast.  Offering educational programs and feeding shows, the Florida Aquarium is prime sightseeing attraction.  With a wide variety of sea dwelling creatures and theme oriented playgrounds it is sure to keep the entire family occupied.

If you take a drive down Malcolm McKinley Drive and your looking for some freshwater family fun, then drive your way into to Adventure Island, one of the largest freshwater theme parks in Florida.  With swimming pools, rides, and constant events, you'll find everything you need here.  If your a competitive sportsman at heart, join family and friends on the Riptide and race to the bottom.  If you find that need for speed, take your wits about you, and take the 210 foot plunge down the Gulf Scream.  If you would just like to relax in the sun, take a float down the Rambling Bayou, a small stream that weaves through the park with a constant forward motion.