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Old Town

Walt Disney World
Kissimmee Storage


Artists Point
Medieval Times Dinner

Emeril's Orlando


Kissimmee located in Florida is the place to be if you're looking for attractions and rides for the entire family. Enjoy lots of excitement in Kissimmee and it is just a cool place to be if you're on your vacation with your family and friends. With the major attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Wet-N-Wild, you also you dinner shows which is also fun to see and be a part of the show. Here in Kissimmee, Florida there is plenty of things to do. There are historic places to visit and learn about so it's never the same thing twice it allows changing and becoming better.

Kissimmee Go-Karts

Love to drive go karts? Then come to Kissimmee go karts and receive a free go kart ride when you present their coupon. Enjoy crazy rides around the track and hours of fun. Come and sit some of the fastest go karts that Kissimmee has to offer and take your turn around the track as you compete with other racers to get to the finish line. There are about four to five go kart tracks in the Kissimmee area and about nine to ten in the Orlando area, some are really short and some are really long and takes about an hour or two to complete the entire ride.


Old Town

Old Town is the place to be when you're in Kissimmee, with wild rides, roller coasters, fly high in the sky on sky coaster or get shot 175ft in the air and straight back down again and again on the slingshot ride. Old town is a fun place just to hang out with your friends or family and just have fun. To enjoy lots of fun exciting rides and games all at the same time. Check out some nice antique cars form the 1800's to the 1900's to today modern cars, look as the owners show off all the hard work that they put into the cars engine and exterior and customize it to look hot.

Helicopter Ride

Enjoy a ride in the sky on a helicopter tour around Kissimmee and sight see from above ground level. The helicopter ride takes you around Kissimmee to see Disney world, over old town, celebration and back to the main station. Helicopters provide great view from the air and you can look out as for as your eyes can see and look at all the attractions that Kissimmee has. Some helicopter rides can be very scary especially if it is your first time going, but once you get out of the hear of actual being in the helicopter it's not so to enjoy the view from where else but up above.


You can also visit the local RODEO in town and see as cowboy's take a wild ride on horses and bulls and get thrown off. It's fun, exciting and best of all it's located right in Kissimmee. You aren't having fun until you visit the rodeo. Just looking at the cowboy's get on the horses and bulls and seeing how long they can last on the animals before they get throw off and have the crowd cheering for the rider that stays on the longest, although the sport is very dangerous and many people do get hurt and or sometimes sent to the hospital. It's really fun and exciting to see the riders just try and hang on for dare life and entertain the crowd all at the same time. It's just a totally fun event to visit and you will leave laughing and full of energy.

Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

Boggy creek airboat ride is adventurous, gild across the swamp in an airboat as you see the fascinating, exotic wildlife like never before from a new view of life. The boggy creek airboat ride takes you on a 30minutes tour into the Central Florida Everglades where you will see exotic birds, turtles, snakes and wild alligators. Come and witness some of the most spectacular view of nature at it's best. The trip is also perfect for small or large groups and best of all there's no reservations needed. There also have private tours where you can see the animal's up-close and personal, and take pictures that will be very memorable for everybody to see.

Holy Land Experience

Come and visit Holy land experience where you'll be touched by the present of good. Come and see a recreation of Jerusalem structure model A.D. 66, see when the first printer was made and how it was made. See Jesus as he is being crucified for helping the people in need of help, as they lay his body into the tomb where his body was there for three days and two nights and on the third day he was resurrected into heaven where he sit on the right hand of the father our god. It is a really inspirational experience that will touch the hearts of everyone who visits.

Wonderworks Experience

Wonderworks upside down building attractions people from all over the world, they come and see this unique structure in Orlando on International Drive and are fascinated to see what's inside this building. Wonderworks is an amusement park for the mind with over 100 interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages to experience the fun. The most appealing feature in this unique upside down building would be the attraction's dramatic exterior, a three story tall, classically designed building that appears to have upside down for the sky and atop a 1930's era brick warehouse. It's loaded with games, lazer tag, arcade, mind trivia and so much more things to have so much fun.

Pleasure Island

If you feel like just hanging out with the friends or going clubbing head on down to Downtown Disney and visit Pleasure Island where you can hit the clubs or just go dancing. Come and experience the most unique nightlife entertainment that Orlando has to offer, and keep in mind that the club are not for children under the age of 18 years of age. You have to be 21 years or older to drink at the bar and must have an I.D. There are also places to eat like Planet Hollywood or you can hope over to the AMC theater to watch a movie, take a walk along the side and view the lake as the sunsets into the even/night. Go to Virgin mobile record store and listen to your favorite artist sing on their album or watch your favorite actor on the big movie screen.

Disney Quest

Love to play video games, arcade games, and virtual roller coasters then visit Disney Quest where you can play all the games you want and have fun. Disney Quest is a five story family entertainment complex featuring four distinct worlds of interactive entertainment as well as theme and shopping experiences. Take a ride on the virtual jungle cruise where you hop on raft with other team members, plunge down a prehistoric river in the Dinosaur world and hang on for your life as you try to avoid deadly obstacles in the running rapids, watch out may may even get splash.

Gatorland Adventure

Gators have been around since dinosaur age but if you want to visit them you don't have to go back in time you can just visit Gatorland in Kissimmee. Gatorland is one of the oldest attractions in Central Florida. With it's location between Orlando and Kissimmee on Orange Blossom Trail. This is a place where many people come and visit the gators and see this incredible animals at their best doing what they were made to do destroy. In the 1930's Owen Godwin, Sr., built an alligator pit in the backyard of his rattlesnake hammock home. Then he start the gatorland company to care for alligator's and show people how important gator's are to the environment.

Titanic Exhibition

The Titanic exhibition is a recreation of the actual ship that got hit by an iceberg in the North Atlantic and cause the gigantic ship to sink with more than 1500 people onboard the ship. The exhibition is located in Orlando, Florida, it is the world's first permanent exhibition for this fabled cruise ship is loaded with history and emotion. Come and share history in this uniquely featured presentation. Along with the traditional museum experience, guest can accommodate special ceremonies like weddings, corporate events, birthdays, receptions or banquets. You can visit the memorial wall at the exhibition and remember all the people who died on the ship.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is your once in a life time chance to be up close to an astronaut and where the space shuttle actual takes off from to explore the moon. Your entire crew will have total access to NASA's launch headquarters which includes tours, exhibits, IMAX films and even launch viewing opportunities that put you into real exploration within the area of Orlando, Florida.


City Walk

City walk is in Universal studios and have all the entertainment and fun you need. It has club, restaurants, live entertainment, games and movies all in one place to be. Visit the Bob Marley club and eat like a Rasta mon with the Cory chicken and fine wine. But you have to be at least 21 years of age to enter into the club. Grab a cup of morning coffee on your way into the theme parks. Stop by for lunch or just do a bit of shopping, and enjoy dinner.