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Naples Florida

Napel Florida's BeachesHome to a population of an estimated 316,000 people Naples Florida is considered a remote area in Florida. Naples Florida is home to a large amount of natural protected parks. Primarily the Everglades sit right on the edge and are considered the areas main attraction. However Naples is also know for its beautiful beaches, hotels and resorts. While much of Florida is compromised of theme parks and commercialized areas Naples remains on of the more nature oriented areas.

Naples FloridaIf you enjoy camping driver over to Naples and find one of the many beachfront camping areas. With both tent and RV camps Naples offers a large variety of camping locations. Both inland, on the beach and in the marina the area does not hesitate to allow you camping adventures. However Florida has strict laws against specific traditional camping activates, be sure to find out if campfires and grills are legal during the season of your stay.

Naples is know for its golf courses. If you have heard about or seen a competitive gold course in the papers or on TV, its most likely located in Naples. With golf courses galore, challenge you and you’re friends game in on one of the many greens that are located all over the area.

Everglades FloridaOne of the major parks in the area is the Everglades National park. Naples offer a large array of fun and exotic excursions into parks center and outlying edges. Join the locals on what they call the Safari Wagon as they take you through the forests and instruct you along the way to the boat. Once on the airboat you will speed your way up and down the scenic rivers in search for gators, dolphins, manatees and exotic birds. The entire one to two hour tour your guide will narrate everything you are seeing and exploring as you navigate the vast area.

Naples is home to many beautiful beaches, alongside the parks these beaches are open to all and often sport both cruises and boat rentals. With many rivers and canals leading to the waters edge fishing boats are common and many are rentable to the public. Naples boasts that they have some of the calmest and clearest waters on the West coast.