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One of the first theme parks in Kissimmee/Orlando SeaWorld can boast that it has been bringing fun and joy for over 30 years!  With games, shows, and rides, there’s no doubt you’ll be knee deep in SeaWorld’s fantastic adventures of the sea!  With a boat load of family friendly rides and attractions, join the friendly faces of the theme park as they take you through frozen ice lands, through underwater tunnels to the city of Atlantis, into the sky to meet the Kraken, or enjoy a softer variety of rides at the Happy Harbor.  Go watch Shamu as he shows off to the crowd, flying back and forth in a huge glass pool.  Trainers will do incredible stunts right before your eyes, swimming deep under the water, watch as the giant whales push them nearly fifty feet into the air!  But be careful, sit too close to the container and Shamu might enjoy watching you get soaked!  Join Clyde and Seamore in the most hilarious display of stunts and tricks, jokes and laughs, as they “take Pirate Island!”  SeaWorld brings to the table an abundant source of educational exhibits that are fun for the whole family!  We don’t just get to learn about the dolphins, we get first hand them!  Scared of sharks?  Conquer your fear as you stair them face to face from behind a glass wall surrounding their tank.  Stingrays, yes stingrays, are now touchable!  Having their “stingers” removed you are now capable of touching the soft backed animals as they swim around a shallow tank.  Ever wanted to meet a Polar Bear, maybe a even a Beluga Whale?  Creatures that few ever get to see in their lifetime!  Join friends and family on the Wild Arctic ride, and then experience the frozen wasteland to view these creatures as they interact with you from their large habitats!  Before going make sure you stop by Shamus Stadium to watch Shamu Rocks!  A huge display of lighting and digital effects on water!  A huge event, something you shouldn’t miss, well qualified to end your day.

So join us as we explore the world under the sea, take adventures to places many don’t have the opportunity to go, visit places few get to discover, come to SeaWorld!

Review By: Steward Wilson

“I went with some of my dorm mates, we thought, why not, we’ve been in Florida and we haven’t gone to SeaWorld.  We were kind of overexcited about the rollercoaster Kraken, and Atlantis.  So upon arrival we were disappointed to see the lines were huge.  So we decided to head to some of the shows, and the first one we heard about was the Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island show.  It was incredibly funny, the entire thing was just great.  From the Sea Lions that drove a giant pirate ships, to the comedic puns on our government, it was just plane funny.  After that we ran over to the Wild Arctic Ride with the some people we met at the show.  All three of us got on the simulator, and loved it, especially crash landings and (once again) the funny puns.  After the ride, you arrive in “the Arctic,” we saw polar bears and some white whales.  The bears were MASSIVE, but they played happily in the corner with a car tire, it was kind of comical.  We headed to the huge stadium at the center of the park, to see the Shamu show, I mean were at SeaWorld, we gotta see Shamu.  The show was great, except for the part where we got soaked.  We sat near the glass expecting to get a better view, but we weren’t expecting the whale to stick his 300 pound tail out of the water and swing it at a zillion miles an hour splashing us repeatedly.  We finally headed over to Atlantis and the lines had calmed down a little.  We got on and we didn’t get wet at all (the people in the front of the boat did), but the ride was fun and incredibly entertaining, we rode it twice.  Then we jumped on Kraken, which can only be described as amazing, with a free fall that reaches 70 miles per hour, we were searching for our skin afterwards.  The day was winding down so we headed back to the stadium to see “Shamu Rocks,” well, IT ROCKED!  There was an amazing display of fireworks and lighting, this show deserves to only play once a day, if they played it more people wouldn’t leave the park!  We left completely satisfied, the place was great.”